Philipp von Weitershausen wrote at 2007-4-19 07:52 +0200:
> ...
>ZClasses surely was an easy way to create CRUD applications in Zope 2. 
>However, apart from many technical difficulties that are ZClasses, I 
>personally find that through-the-web (TTW) development is actually 
>hurting Zope and the people who use it, rather than help.

As so often, I have quite different opinions.

In your (stripped away) example, I saw lots of magic (e.g. "grok.context",
"", "@grok.action"). "ZClasses", too, have their magic.
But, there, the magic is supported by a graphical UI which helps

For me (several years back), Zope's TTW capabilities have been
a major reason why I got interested in Zope.
Had I then seen the nasty ZCML files so much liked in Zope 3, I
would probably have turned away very rapidly.

> ....
>Is this so much harder than ZClasses? I believe no

As someone who used ZClasses intensively, I believe "yes".

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