Baiju M wrote:
Hi Stephan,
          I am getting some test failure in z3c.rml trunk.
One issue is due to the use of non-existing 'font' tag.
I can't find this tag in 'rml.dtd' and reference.
(But I can see a single use of 'font' tag in reference, but it
is in a different context, I think should should be replaced
as described below)

All the places where 'font' tag used is as a child of 'title' tag.
And 'face' is the only attribute used for the font tag in tests.

Now 'title' has a 'fontName' attribute, from the DTD and
reference I deduced that tests should use this instead of
'font' tag, is it correct ?

There is another issue when I run tests in level 2, this can be solved
by using few more arguments to Popen . (see the patch attached)

There is one more remaining issue while parsing 'tag-textField.xml'
I have given the trace back below, but if I parse this file individually,
there is no test failure ! May be this is due to tests are not cleaned up

Um, it looks like if 'font' tag come as child of 'story' tag there is no test failure. But which is the best for the tests failing ? use 'fontName' attribute in 'title' or
use 'story' tag ?

Baiju M

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