On Tuesday 16 October 2007, Baiju M wrote:
> All the places where 'font' tag used is as a child of 'title' tag.
> And 'face' is the only attribute used for the font tag in tests.

The <font> tag, like the <b>, <i>, and <u> tag are features of Reportlab's 
paragraph implementation. The <title> tag is just a special case of a 

So it should probably be considered a documentation bug that those 
paragraph-internal tags are not in the reference.

Further, I think the <font> tag was new in ReportLab 2.0 or 2.1.

> Now 'title' has a 'fontName' attribute, from the DTD and
> reference I deduced that tests should use this instead of
> 'font' tag, is it correct ?

No, because the 'fontName' can only set the font for the entire title and not 
just a sub-string in the title.

> There is another issue when I run tests in level 2, this can be solved
> by using few more arguments to Popen . (see the patch attached)

Okay, what OS are you using? Is it still occurring?

> There is one more remaining issue while parsing 'tag-textField.xml'
> I have given the trace back below, but if I parse this file individually,
> there is no test failure !  May be this is due to tests are not cleaned up
> properly.

No this is because ReportLab is not thread-safe. Heck, it is not even safe to 
run multiple renderings in the same Python session. The level 2 tests show 
off a solution that solves this problem by starting a new sub-process for 
each rendering.

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