Tres Seaver wrote:
MailTemplates subclass ZopePageTemplate and expect to be text/plain by default...

That code is there only when reading from the default content, right?


And that file is *definitely* 'text/html'.

Well, not in the subclass no...

Why don't you just override it at class level in the subclass?

Yeah, that's what I've done, but it seems a shame to have to replace the whole __init__ method just for this one line...

instance, override '__init__' to read your file before calling the
'super' version, and pass its contents through as 'text', along with
your desired 'content_type'.

Fair enough.

That said, since then, I've been trying to fix other test failures and have been pretty disappointed with the way it's been done. A lot of assumption has been made that text/html and text/xml are the only content types that will ever be used and there are several edge cases where things break when the content type is not one of these two :-(


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