Stephan Richter wrote:
On Thursday 15 November 2007, Chris Withers wrote:
Have all the things that have lead to buildout/kgs/etc been brought to
the attention of the distutils sig? This *must* be a problem that all
decent sized python frameworks are facing.

We are still experimenting. I think once we tried our solutions out a little bit more, we can talk to the distutil sig group.

Why not engage with them at this stage? There are plenty of bright people there I'd bet, and the more people thinking about this the better, right?

From my perspective, it would be great if whatever turns out to be the right solution gets built in at the python library level, not the zope level.

How are other communities solving this problems?

I bet you they don't have them.

I'd be surprised if twisted, paste and the like haven't bumped into this problem ;-)

What's the "standard" way of solving this problem in the python world?

I don't think there is one.

Then surely disutils-sig is the place to come up with one?
(thinking of Martijn's recent comments about "drastically improv[ing] both the quality and quantity of our communication with the rest of the world)



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