Hi everyone,

I just updated the Zope 3.4 KGS with some new features.

1. You only need to upload the "controlled-packages.cfg" file now; all other 
files are generated.

2. The "controlled-packages.cfg" file now supports a name and version option. 
Thus, all generated files are versioned now. The unversioned version of the 
files refers to the latest one.

3. A new "links.html" file now lists all packages in one URL, so that it is 
suitable for the "find-links" option. (I have not tested this yet, anyone?)

4. A new "minimal/" folder now contains an index just of the controlled 
packages. This minimal index can be used by compoze as one contributing 
index. (I have not tested this yet, can anyone try this and report how it can 
be done?)

5. There is now an introduction page called "intro.html" that lists all 
versions and files. It also explains how to use the files. See:

6. The KGS now supports extensions, meaning one KGS can build on another. You 
simply specify the "extend" option in the "[KGS]" section of the controlled 
packages configuration file. This should allow frameworks built on top of 
Zoep 3, like grok, to build their own KGS without much effort.

That said, I would really like for people to test all the features and see 
whether they work for them.

But most importantly, I would like for people to contribute to the "Usage" 
section of the introduction page!

Thanks to all for listening!

Stephan Richter
CBU Physics & Chemistry (B.S.) / Tufts Physics (Ph.D. student)
Web2k - Web Software Design, Development and Training
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