Philipp von Weitershausen a écrit :
Christophe Combelles wrote:

An full-egg zope 3.4 buildout installed with zopeproject tells me the zope
version is 3.3.1 (in /++etc++process/):

- I have a fully eggified zope 3.4 installed with zopeproject.
- I also have a zope 3.3.1 installed on the system python.

When I start the 3.4 full-egg instance, I've discovered that tries to reach zope/app/version.txt
to determine the major zope version.

Since version.txt does not seem to be included in any egg, it fallbacks to the system zope installed.

"system zope"? It seems like you have a globally available Zope installation. This will obviously confuse any *local* sandbox, such as the one created with zopeproject. Make sure you don't have any Zope libraries on your standard PYTHONPATH.

Then how is the major zope version defined?
Is there any zope/app/version.txt file possibly available for an egg-based installation?
Does it even make a sense to define a zope version in that case?
Or should version.txt/zopeversion use some version number provided by the KGS?


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