Philipp von Weitershausen wrote: contains the LocalSiteManager class. This is the persistent component registry used in Zope 3's standard ISites. It inherits from zope.component.persistentregistry.PersistentComponents which in turn inherits from zope.component.registry.Components. The latter has the dynamic __bases__ property. You'll see that the setter really just sets the __bases__ on its internal adapter and utility registry. Both of those (sic!) are some sort of subclass of zope.interface.adapter.BaseAdapterRegistry which has the handling for cascading lookups through its __bases__ property.


This does all look pretty scary...

What code do I need to read to see how to setup a group of registries where a search for adapters/etc gives:

- the sum of all the registries (ie: all possible adapters are returned)

- the "most appropriate" adapter is returned (ie: the "first" registry is searched and if no matching adapter/etc is found, the "second" registry is searched, etc)

If eggs had some decent dependency handling.

Surely that's kinda key in any kind of package management system, which eggs surely are? ;-)


Because some developers prefer lower traffic lists that focus on solely on development.

All three lists together now consitute less than one "low volume list" from what I can see :-S

If it helps, as far as components and registries goes, I'm aiming for something like skin-like stacked registries that can be altered ttw...

Sounds wild :)

Indeed, I have a nagging feeling the hard work for this has already been done, which is why I'm trying to find otu how to re-use it rather than re-inventing wheels...


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