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Been working more on this stuff so finally have some more questions...

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Okay, but where's this code? (ie: what .py should I look at for the local registry implementation)

zope.app.component.site contains the LocalSiteManager class. This is the persistent component registry used in Zope 3's standard ISites. It inherits from zope.component.persistentregistry.PersistentComponents which in turn inherits from zope.component.registry.Components. The latter has the dynamic __bases__ property. You'll see that the setter really just sets the __bases__ on its internal adapter and utility registry. Both of those (sic!)

What does this "sic" mean?

are some sort of subclass of zope.interface.adapter.BaseAdapterRegistry which has the handling for cascading lookups through its __bases__ property.

Actually, it doesn't. The handling of __bases__ appears to be done in the functions of the mysterious zope.interface.ro module.
(that ro thing takes the biscuit for obscure naming :-( )

Am I off base here? If so, more info please! :-)

Anyway, another question I have relates to the way in which registries and sub registries are stacked up. Am I right in assuming the current code is designed around a static setup of adapter registries which the deeper registries cache the results of the registries higher up?

For what I'm after, I need to have a more dynamic buildup of registrations based on which objects have been traversed through.

I can see two ways to approach this:

- stack the registries up during travesal in some way. I guess this
  would be a variant of what's done now with current nested registries.
  Is this feasible? Will there be performance problems?

- use one global registry and add/remove registrations during traversal as necessary. How fast is registration/unregistration of adapters and the like? How many adapter adds/removes at a traversal node would it take to really slow things down?

I still feeling like I'm grasping a bit here but I hope you guys can help!



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