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This baffles me somewhat. At the moment I see skins/layers as the only mechanism to let developers using an application to customize it, possibly more than once in the same instance. I find them not optimal, because they only allow customizing on the outer most level. But overrides is a failure as I understand it.

How are overrides a failure?

Perhaps I do not understand them good enough, but application developers can not use them, as there can be different applications by other developers overriding the same.

Integrators could use them to overwrite everything, but only once.

Skins, after all do nothing but override views.

Yes, but by defining a scope, which can be made location aware, during traversal.


So what should be used or invented instead?

I use overrides.

As a usecase take a forum application which should be installed more than once in an instance but needs different layouts and also different subset of functionality.

I don't have this use case. I wonder how many people do.

I think every multisite setup has this problem.

We tend to think up complex use cases and then make the zope framework more complicated to deal with them. Sometimes these are legitimate use cases, but they are rarely common cases and their solutions should generally not be inflicted on the masses.

WRT this use case, I strongly suspect it would be simpler and easier to support defining multiple configurations in ZCML and a mechanism to specify different configurations for different sites within an instance. In fact, I think Stephan Richter added this a while ago.

Oh that would be a new information for me, so I would be very interested, where this is implemented.

Thanks in advance


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