On Fri, 2008-03-21 at 20:09 +0100, Andreas Jung wrote:
> Hi,
> speaking as the Zope 2 release manager: I am strongly opposed against 
> splitting Zope yourself into different packages and modules. With Zope
> 2 depending from various Zope 3 packages (roughly 80-90) we have
> already the situation to keep track which packages belong together.

My concern is more with striping out the non-Zope pieces.  If there are
pieces of Zope that are useful outside of Zope (e.g. in some other
project, or someones personal code...) I thought it would be nice to
offer those as a separate piece so that someone could use just that
piece.  Having 80-90 different RPMs _would_ be rather unmaintainable.
I'd only pull out the first few useful ones, and then others by-demand.
My biggest concern is removing the non-Zope parts.

As far as Zope2 is concerned, I'll cross that bridge later.  Newest
technology is /generally/ the focus of Fedora.

> This will become even more complicated when each Zope 3 package will have
> its own life-cycle. I doubt that you as a package can keep track in a
> reliable way with those requirements. It is somewhat hard for me to follow.

The Eclipse project has done an awesome job, and so has Fedora in
keeping up with it (they actually work very closely together).  I'm not
concerned with ripping Zope /completely/ apart, but rather I
thought /some/ parts might be useful by themselves, like the ZODB for

> So why can't you leave the Zope source packages as they are? Splitting up
> Zope into even more packages is even more error-prone.  Re-packaged Zope
> distributions always raised more problems in the past than they really solved.
> The deployment for Zope-based applications is nowadays based on zc.buildout.

So, are you saying that you would rather Zope not be in Fedora, or any
other distro, and just leave it up to the user?

> Serious solutions providers never go with distribution-specific packages.

Some do, but that's not the focus of me packaging Zope.  Since Fedora's
focus is not for production (yes, people do use Fedora in production,
e.g. NASA, but that is their onus), but rather development and blazing
new trails.  This would provide more code and utilities for people to
use and experiment with.

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