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I would like to develop a buildout recipe that generates aggregated
documentation for a package (like z3c.form) using sphynx and publishes
it to the new website.  I want updating of zope documentation
on to be as easy as uploading a package to pypi:

When you are ready to make a release of a package, you would then do:
 $ cd z3c.form/tags/2.0/
 $ python register sdist upload
 $ ./bin/buildout
 $ ./bin/update-documentation

You would then be able to go to and see
everything from developer docs, to tutorials, to how-tos, etc.

Won't it be redundant with the doctests displayed on the PyPI?
You speak about things like z3c.form, i.e. individual packages. They already
have their doc (readme) displayed on the cheeseshop, which is the first place to look for packages. The problem is that many README.txt are more unittests than high level docs. In my opinion many README.txt contents should be moved into deeper functional doctests, and replaced by real introductions, or easy-to-read howtos.

On, instead of individual egg docs, we need high level docs or
integration docs that cover several packages at once. In which eggs do you want
to put them?

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