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On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 04:47:59PM -0400, Jim Fulton wrote:

On Apr 23, 2008, at 4:47 PM, Marius Gedminas wrote:
The point of my message was not to whine
about the state of zope.testing, but to present a new argument against
the current fashion of using plain-text narrative doctests for

Except that that is not the current fashion, which has been pointed out
many times in many places.

For my own record (I must have missed this many times in many places), is the
current fashion something along the lines:

"Use the various test styles as reasonable, text-file narrative doctests are

No.  WRT doc tests:

- If a file is documentation and a test, make sure it is good documentation. In that case, documentation comes first. Don't add so many tests that it ruins the documentation.

- Test edge cases in separate tests. These are typically short-ish strings in test modules.

- A variation is to have a narrative that doesn't try hard to be documentation. The narrative can be convenient, up to a point, even in a test. These should be clearly marked as not being documentation.


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