On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 22:38 +0300, Marius Gedminas wrote:

> By the way, the usual way to run tests in the Zope-3-land is to use
> bin/test rather than setup.py test.  It uses a slightly different test
> runner that uses a slightly different method of getting the test
> description and therefore hides this incompatibility.  Which probably
> explains why nobody saw it before.  On the other hand, compatibility
> with setup.py test is desirable, and this bug should be fixed.

I assume bin/test is part of zope.testing...  If so (I'm going to be
installing it soon) how would I go about running the tests then?  The
ultimate goal of what I'm working on is packaging ZODB3, and I've been
working my way through the dependencies.

Do all of the zope-ish packages use zope.testing?  I'd like to be able
to include tests in %check, as I don't usually get to test the built
packages right-a-way and this would at least show that it passes basic

Also, what was the rationale in making zope.testing instead of just
using unittest.  Does it extend unittest in a more zope-ish way
(similarly for zope.buildout in regards to setuptool)?  I'm just trying
to understand the dynamics of the zope and python communities so I know
areas to focus my attention.

> https://bugs.launchpad.net/zope.testing/+bug/221151
> The next step would be to write a unit test to reproduce this in
> zope.testing's test suite.

Thanks for submitting that bug.  I'll look into writing a unit test
based on the one that uses zope.testing, but while I understand the
concepts of writing unit tests, I'm really just a n00b when it comes to
all of this.  I find that I learn the best by jumping straight in, feet
first (not head first...broken legs are easier to deal with than a
broken neck ;)

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