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Maurits van Rees a écrit :

zope/app/locales/TRANSLATE.txt says:

  After that, you need to merge those changes to all existing
  translations.  You can do that by executing the ``i18nmergeall.py``
  script from the ``utilities`` directory of your Zope 3 checkout:

    $ python utilities/i18nmergeall.py -l src/zope/app/locales

So I tried that and found that in the 13 po files that are present,
over 80 thousand lines were changed (counting all lines in an svn
diff).  Since the files combined have about 100 thousand lines, this
could be called a fairly big change. :)

So: is there a reason this merging is not regularly done anymore?  Or
can I just go ahead and submit those 80 thousand lines?

It seems too big, that's weird.
I think merging is not really done, and there are several changes to do f or i18n:

- split the "zope" gettext domain into all the separate namespaces. Maybe only zope.app.* packages can be kept under the "zope.app" domain.

I think each and every package should have its own domain. Should we just start with that for 3.5 packages? Would this break anything?

- find a way to generate the .pot and .mo files at build. They should not be stored in the svn. We should only have the translated .po files, and the merging and compiling should be done during build. Maybe the .pot file could be a lso stored but this is not really necessary.

Yeah, the .mo files don't need to be stored indeed. But that's not really high priority I think.

- add an automatic test in each package to check whether the .po files ha ve been merged by the developer. If a po file is not in sync with the code, the t est fails. This would allow all the .po files to be always up to date.

Actually I don't really use the merge script. I prefere using somethink like poedit and its "update from pot file" feature. This also tells me what I have to translate and what is gone.

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