Christophe Combelles wrote:
I think merging is not really done, and there are several changes to do for i18n:

- split the "zope" gettext domain into all the separate namespaces. Maybe only* packages can be kept under the "" domain.

Just as a side note, I added a feature to zope.i18n a couple of days ago, so it supports message catalogs in the same domain to be spread across multiple packages. So there is no technical need to do the split anymore. I guess the main argument here should be what works best for the translators and how to make it easiest for them and attract new ones.

- find a way to generate the .pot and .mo files at build. They should not be stored in the svn. We should only have the translated .po files, and the merging and compiling should be done during build. Maybe the .pot file could be also stored but this is not really necessary.

I added another feature where you can enable automatic compilation of mo files from the po files during Zope startup. This is not ideal in all cases but the underlying code should be easy to reuse to get this into the build process as well.


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