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Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Laurence Rowe wrote:
>> Log message for revision 86849:
>>   Purge old zope2 Interface interfaces for Zope 2.12 compatibility.
> This change, and other, do something very dangerous: they replace the
> Zope2 interface with a Zope2 interface under the exact same name and
> location. This is bad: it wrongly makes people thing their code keeps
> working while they are now suddenly doing things like putting Z3
> interfaces in __implements__ tuples and silently changes calling
> conventions.
> If you make such changes please make sure to either change the interface
> name or only have it importable from another location.

- -1.  Anybody who still has '__implements__' in their code needs to rip
it out immediately, replacing it with the equivalent Z3 idioms.  Lots of
code has *both* idoms, which is just silly in this day and age:  the Z2
interfaces have been worthless for three years now (since Five landed in
the Z2 core in April 2005.

Plone is already going to have to do this to work with CMF trunk,
because the "bridge" code which provided BBB Z2 interfaces is now gone.

I note with some frustration that ripping the Z2 interfaces out of Plone
code was slated to be done during the goldegg project, which closed two
years ago, with most of the work done in fall 2005.

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