Tres Seaver wrote:
Hanno Schlichting wrote:
Log message for revision 87393:
  In debug mode the actual source code for file templates is written out to a 
<filename>.source file, to make it easier to inspect it.

  Make debug mode setting explicit in a Currently it is bound to 
Python's __debug__, which is False when run with -O and otherwise True.

I don't think I would this to __debug__:  I wouldn't want to pay a price
either at startup time or (worse) at render time for information I don't
need or want.

I think looking for an environment variable would be quite reasonable

I agree an environment variable is a good idea here. I'll let Malthe decide how to handle this. So far the __debug__ was used somewhere quite hidden in the code already and I only made this more obvious by moving it to a central place.


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