while trying to install zope.location (3.4.0) and zope.security (3.5.2) 
from source
(in order to create a NetBSD-pkgsrc package) I noticed, that they specify
each other in their install-requires list in setup.py.

Looking at the code, they also import each other:

 > zope/location/location.py: from zope.security.decorator import 

 > zope/security/adapter.py: from zope.location import ILocation, 

This is only required at runtime, so this is not a (circular) build or 
install dependency,
but as the NetBSD-pkgsrc build infrastructure wants to generate the 
.pyc/.pyo files
at installation time, I still have a problem with that.

So my question is: Is this circular dependency really needed or could it 
be avoided
somehow? It at least looks a bit strange to me. Two components should 
not depend
on each other, or am I missing something?

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