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Oh joy, a naming discussion. :)

A namespace isn't a framework. Be careful we don't start pretending that 
the zope.* namespace is a framework. If you start judging which packages 
belong in the zope.* namespace and which are not, what standards are 
really being used?

The only standard I've seen in this thread was something about the elder 
Zope gods writing into stone what shall go into zope.* and what shall 
not. I don't think that's a sensible position for a framework that's 
supposed to be evolving. Or isn't it?

The Zope 3 framework isn't all zope.* packages. It's a selection made 
carefully by developers of the framework that can be installed as a whole.

Okay, scratch that, as Zope 3 is a bad example of this for some reason. 
I'm not sure that's a good thing; a framework without people who decide 
what goes into it? How does one install Zope 3?

It works for Grok though:

The Grok framework is a bunch of zope.*, grokcore.*, z3c.*, zc.* and 
packages, and other packages to boot, integrated together that can be 
installed as a whole. The Grok development team determines what's part 
of a core Grok installation.

It also works for Zope 2.



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