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Tres Seaver wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> After a lot of work we have progress to report on the dependency 
>> reduction front:
>> http://faassen.n--tree.net/blog/view/weblog/2009/01/29/0
>> It's been a lot of work to get this far and there's a huge amount of 
>> work to be done still, but there is progress!
>> The second dependency graph is against the trunks of all the packages, 
>> as we haven't done the releases yet to make this real. We will look into 
>> this tomorrow. We also need to document the various procedures we have 
>> been using to do this work so that others can jump in and help us.
> Excellent work!
> Looking at the zope.container graph:
> - The zope.publisher dependency is purely there for the 'traverser.py'
>   module, which probably doesn't belong in zope.container at all:  it
>   only imports interfaces to set up __adapts__, which suggests that it
>   should be in zope.publisher, or some other package which depends on
>   both (losing the __adapts__ wouldn't be terrible, for instance).
> - The dependency module pulls in zope.app.dependable:  I think it would
>   make more sense to move the event subscriber *into* that package.
>   which would remove the other, indirect dependency on zope.traversing.
> - The 'testing' module should lose all the zope-specific module-scope
>   imports, even  if that means losing some convenience.

I have implemented this one by creating a new 'zope.broken' package, and
making 'zope.container' and 'zope.app.broken' depend on it:

> - The 'contained' module has a bunch of dependencies, including a
>   suspicous one on zope.app.broken:  if the IBroken check is really
>   needed, then that interface should be moved to another package.

and this one:

> - The zope.exceptions dependency, again from contained, is due to
>   the use of a couple of dubious zope-specific exceptions:
>   o UserError should probably be replaced with the standard ValueError.
>   o DuplicationError should probably be replaced with KeyError.

now released in zope.container 3.7.1 and zope.app.container 3.7.1.

I also updated the 'zope.app.zcmlfiles' package (now version 3.5.3),
which was not including the 'zope.app.broken' package in its
dependencies, although it pulls in its ZCML.

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