Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Chris Withers wrote at 2009-1-30 18:50 +0000:
>> Brian Sutherland wrote:
>>>> zope.configuration.x
>>>> zope.configuration.y
>>> Please don't, having namespace packages that contain files (as
>>> zope.configuration already does) breaks setuptools.
>> Then setuptools needs fixing.
> But not for this purpose:
>   I would find is very unintuitive when configuration were centralized
>   (in subpackages of "zope.configuration") rather than modular.
>   Configuration belongs to the application or framework component
>   that depends on this configuration not to any central component.

I would normally agree, but this isn't quite as simple as that.
ZCML cuts across packages in that, if you use ZCML, you want the 
directives for all the packages you have installed.

If you don't use ZCML, you don't want any of the directives.

using --> to mean depends on, what we want is:

zcmlforpackagez --> packagex

...which frees up packagex to be used without any ZCML

So, we end up with lots of "zcmlforpackage"'s which need to go somewhere.

Either zope.configuration.packagex or packagex.zcml as package names for 
these seems sensible, but if setuptools doesn't support either, then it 
needs fixing...


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