Laurent Mignon wrote:
> Hi,
> With the replacement of import with, it's 
> no more possible to use z3c.form with Zope2 / Plone :-(
> In fact, require zope.container requiring ZODB3 :-(
> I can't find any solutions to solve this problem. It is really damage to 
> lose the possibility of using z3c.form with zope2/plone ...
> sagblmi

The problem encountered is that zope.container specify ZODB3 as a main 
dependency. After checking the code, it seems that ZODB is only required 
for tests. If I modify to specify ZODB3 as an 
extra dependency for test target, everything works fine.

I suspect that I'll probably have side effects by using modules using 
zope.container into zope2....


> Dan Korostelev wrote:
>> So here's a little review on current status of z3c.form. Mostly based
>> on items from CHANGES.txt for 2.0 release :) I may forget something,
>> so I'll reply to myself if something suddenly comes in my mind. And
>> sorry for my English, i'm quite in hurry now. :-)
>> FileWidget - It doesn't clear the bytes value if no new file is
>> uploaded now, which is nice. But there's also should be a way to clear
>> current value if the field is not required. I've added that to the
>> TODOS.txt. I think that should be done before release to make the
>> widget actually functional out of box.
>> TextLinesWidget - Works. I've fixed a case when a field has tuple in
>> its _type, so it hopefully will work in any case now.
>> MultiWidget - Probably needs some review as it does the updateWidgets
>> thing on "value" property setting, which seems fishy to me. It works
>> however. I've added the check for min_length and max_length and
>> conditional buttons in the browser version. One thing I'd like to see
>> is that it generate a default number of input rows based on field's
>> minimal length if there's any. Also, another thing that would be nice
>> is to have a way to reorder values for orderable fields. However this
>> can wait for next release. I've added that to the TODOS.txt.
>> ObjectWidget/ObjectMultiWidget - ??? I didn't checked that out, so it
>> would be nice if its author reviewied it and wrote here about its
>> status.
>> Source support - Seems to work fine. I've checked that out in my
>> sandbox instance with zc.sourcefactory's context-less and
>> context-based sources. However, there was some backward-incompatible
>> refactorings (class renames) done to sequence data converters that
>> breaks the benchmarking suite. This may also break end-users'
>> code so we probably want to fix the compatibility.
>> support - ??? I don't use the myself, so I didn't really
>> checked that out. As I said before, the benchmarking suite is borked.
>> Also, there's a strange bug with macros (see below). Also, we need to
>> migrate to z3c.ptcompat instead of (UPDATE: the merge
>> was done while I was writing this).
>> Tests - All are passing. However there was a failure with, I've
>> described before. I don't know what's wrong there, but found a little
>> workaround. See my comment in the tests/ file.
>> (UPDATE: tests are now borked again as a result of merging
>> z3c.ptcompat branch while I was writing this).
>> Translations - I've updated the template and the russian translation
>> to be complete. I don't expect any msgid changes, so I think
>> translators should review their translations and commit them right now
>> :)
>> Also, I wanted to add browser widget attributes like "klass" or
>> "onclick" to adaptable values. This will require some work to make
>> browser widgets automatically add their adaptable values to
>> _adapterValueAttributes before calling parent's "update" method. I'm
>> not sure that I'll be doing that very soon as it isn't very important.
>> So this is definetely not a reason to wait with the release.
>> One more thing I'd like to do is to add "klass" and "id" to the forms
>> themselves so one could easily customize the visual appeal of the
>> forms. But it's probably should be done in z3c.formui's subclasses and
>> not in z3c.form's base classes. I'd like to hear the community opinion
>> on that though.
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