2009/2/10 Stephan Richter <srich...@cosmos.phy.tufts.edu>:
> On Tuesday 10 February 2009, Laurent Mignon wrote:
>> With the replacement of zope.app.component import with zope.site, it's
>> no more possible to use z3c.form with Zope2 / Plone :-(
> Thanks for getting our attention on this. I consider this a show-stopper for
> 2.0. Dan, let's think about something creative that allows us to use the new
> and old way, maybe through a special import statement like that:

Is the problem in that zope2 still contains zope.* modules in itself
and not in the eggs, so if it contain old zope.app.component and the
new z3c.form depends on zope.site egg, we get two independent local
site implementation that will conflict? If so, I guess we have the
similar problem with ITerms that was moved to zope.browser.

So, the "creative solution" could be to prepare a "compatibility"
packages that could be used for zope 2 instead of real zope.site and
zope.browser and contain reverse imports of things that were moved
from their places in zope2 zope.* packages. However, this should be
done by someone who works with Zope2 and that's not me, unfortunately.

I hope that new zope2 will just use zope3 modules as eggs and won't
maintain a copy of them.

WBR, Dan Korostelev
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