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Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>>> Log message for revision 96569:
>>>   Lot's of updates over the weekend!
>> I think it is too premature to be moving the DTML chapters out of the
>> book:  if we arent just updating the book to be current with 2.12, then
>> we probably need to discuss what kind of book we want, before chopping
>> it apart.
> OK. I wasn't too sure either. I can put them back in, but make it
> clearer that using ZPT is preferred over DTML for all tasks where it is
> possible.

I would rather make the case, explaining the tradeoffs, including the
fact that the consensus of the community is as you express, but then let
people make up their own minds.

DTML is *not* like ZClasses:  it isn't bitrotting through lack of use,
nor is it scheduled (or ever) likely to be removed from Zope2.  Please
keep in mind the ZMI / TTW focus of the current book, while you're at
it:  this book is not aimed at Python / filesystem developers at all,
but at casual users working on simple TTW apps.

For instance, the still-prevalent use of ZPT as a scripting language
(versus a templating language) is arguably *worse* than DTML:  it is
harder to read, and completely breaks the original promise of ZPT (not
trashing the designer's HTML).  Note that *I* still (ab)use ZPT this
way, because it is expedient, and because I know I can clean it up if it
gets too messy, but that doesn't make it "advisable."

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