Hey Shane,

+1 on separating out zope.publisher.interfaces, as it seems low-hanging 

Shane Hathaway wrote:
> It is less clear what we should do with BrowserView and BrowserPage. 
> They depend on zope.location, unlike the rest of zope.publisher, so they 
> don't really fit there.  Perhaps those two belong in a new package, 
> "zope.publisher.browserbase".  There is also the tiny new "zope.browser" 
> package.  Would it make sense to move them there?  (It's hard to tell 
> what the intent of the new package is.)  I'd love to hear other suggestions.

Perhaps zope.browser is the most straightforward location, especially 
given the names of the views involved. Even if zope.browser has unclear 
intent now it'll gain more clear intent from this. That said, 
zope.browser currently doesn't depend on zope.location and it would need 
to gain this as a dependency.

> As for TestRequest, I could update the setup.py of various packages that 
> currently depend on zope.publisher just for TestRequest.  I would make 
> zope.publisher a test-only requirement.

I would prefer if we could make TestRequest also go somewhere else 
(zope.browser?) instead of making zope.publisher a test-only 
requirement. While that step would be an improvement, I think the 
greater improvement would be to find a way to reduce test-only requirements.



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