Jim Fulton wrote:
> On Feb 24, 2009, at 3:08 AM, Shane Hathaway wrote:
>> I've been working on the dependencies to and from zope.publisher.
>> Refining the dependencies should make it easier to integrate
>> zope.pipeline when it's ready.
> Can you elaborate on this a bit?

I've been discussing zope.pipeline on my blog.  I am attempting to 
rebuild the publisher to make it easier to understand and customize.  I 
think it's working out pretty well.  zope.pipeline is intended to 
replace most of the implementation code in zope.publisher and 

To accomplish that, it looks like I ought to separate the 
implementations in zope.publisher from the specifications.  Separating 
the zope.publisher.interfaces package would mostly accomplish that.

After thinking this over last night, I realize that the idea to move
BrowserView, BrowserPage, and TestRequest is driven by the desire to 
clarify the dependency graph.  That's more complex than what I'm trying 
to do and I don't think I need to do that for zope.pipeline, so I'm 
going to withdraw from that part of the discussion for now.

>> I've noticed that nearly all packages that depend on zope.publisher
>> depend only on a few pieces of it:
>>   - zope.publisher.interfaces
>>   - zope.publisher.browser.Browser{View|Page}
>>   - zope.publisher.browser.TestRequest
> I'd like to turn this around a little bit.  Only browser-based code  
> should depend on zope.publisher.  This seems like a very reasonable  
> dependency.  It's like wxwindows UI code depending on wxwindows.   
> Maybe the browser code should be factored out of the packages that  
> depend on zoep.publisher so that only *that* code has the dependency  
> and non-browser code doesn't.

I think things are already pretty well factored in that sense.  Take 
zope.formlib, for example.  It wouldn't make sense to separate 
zope.formlib into an abstract package and a browser package, because 
zope.formlib only makes sense for browsers.


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