Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Shane Hathaway wrote:
>> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>> clean_transaction -- is this not the same as repoze.tm2?
>> No.  To mimic the current Zope publisher, we need to commit the 
>> transaction shortly after the "call" application is finished, but then a 
>> lot of things can still happen before the response leaves the server, so 
>> we need to make sure any open transaction is aborted before letting the 
>> open_root application close the database.
> Why is it desirable to do things in this way? I do find it kind of 
> confusing/error prone that we have two pieces of middleware: one that 
> opens the transaction and another that closes it, with ordering 
> dependencies between the two.

I'm trying to express something different, actually.  The first app, 
"clean_transaction", only exists to cancel accidental writes.  The Zope 
publisher does this today.  The actual transaction management is in the 
second application, which I now realize is misnamed as "end_transaction" 
because it both begins and ends transactions.

> repoze.who seems to be turning into something of a widely used standard. 
> I think it'd be worth looking into whether it can be used 'upstream' and 
> something else could do the IAuthentication stuff based on what 
> repoze.who does.

Ok, that changes my perspective a bit.

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