Andreas Jung wrote:
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> On 04.03.2009 17:26 Uhr, Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> Andreas Jung wrote:
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>>> This would definitely make sense to me. With respect to a steering
>>> committee: I am also a bit skeptical about such a committee. I think
>>> that the upcoming ZF board will have a good representation of each Zope
>>> project on the board in order to address things on the board level.
>> You haven't read my document very well if you think I'm proposing a 
>> Steering Group for all Zope projects
> I wasn't proposing that. I wanted to point out that the persons on the
> board could work out on proposal or on some agreement how to approach
> the controversial points...basically to layout a consensus plan. This
> not about steering the development but about finding some overall consensus.

If you're talking about consensus about code, that's really not my 
vision of what the Zope Foundation board is for. I do think the Zope 
Foundation board might do something about community organization.



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