Baiju M wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 2:35 PM, Dan Korostelev <> wrote:
>> 2009/3/2 Tres Seaver <>:
>>>>> -<include package="zope.file"/>
>>>> I believe people still use the ZCML "slug" files like the above.
>>> They certainly aren't related to 'zpkg'.  The intent of the slugs was to
>>> allow for something like 'sites-available' / 'sites-enabled' (the
>>> pattern in a stock Debian Apache2 install).
>>> I think it is particularly unfortunate to remove support for explicit,
>>> granular configuration at the same time as folks seem to be jumping to
>>> implicit (aka "majyk") tools.
>>> Please revert this part of the change.
>> I just reverted the change, however, I don't think that the "slug"
>> files are useful anymore.
> I cannot see similar slugs in other packages either.

Agreed. I don't understand Tres's or Benji's point either; thanks to 
buildout we've left such slugs long behind us I thought. Typically 
people would symlink these into an old old installation of Zope 3 (or 
copy them over).

Explicit granular configuration isn't broken at all; if you want to 
explicitly include zope.file, you include its configure.zcml, not its 

Unless Tres comes back with some convincing explanation soon, please do 
get rid of this stuff.



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