Roger Ineichen wrote at 2009-3-8 14:38 +0100:
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>Can you give an example of a meaningless deprecation

A few of the deprecations I have disliked for a long time:

> /home/dieter/Z/Products/Archetypes/ DeprecationWarning: The 
> module, 'Products.CMFCore.CMFCorePermissions' is a deprecated compatiblity 
> alias for 'Products.CMFCore.permissions';  please use the new module instead.
  from Products.CMFCore import CMFCorePermissions

Why should I bother about deprecations in foreign packages
(Archetypes in the case above)?

> /home/dieter/Z/Base/lib/python/Products/CMFCore/ 
> DeprecationWarning: format_stx() will be removed in CMF 1.6. Please use 
> StructuredText.StructuredText.HTML instead.

Why should the short "format_stx" no longer be supported and
instead the monster "StructuredText.StructuredText.HTML" be used?

And here is my favorite:

> /home/dieter/Z/Products/HaufePortalBase/ DeprecationWarning: 
> The product_name parameter of ToolInit is deprecated and will be ignored in 
> CMF1.6: HaufePortalBase

The "product_name" parameter used to be mandatory -- thus all
calls to "ToolInit" had to use it.
Then, a means was found to derive it automatically
from the context. The developper was so happy that he wanted all
others immediately drop the parameter -- result: several dozens of deprecation
warnings for each start -- in trivial cases, where the automatically
derived information was identical to the explicitly provided....
I called out "what a stupidity"....

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