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Andreas Jung wrote:
> On 15.03.2009 18:42 Uhr, Tres Seaver wrote:
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>> Subject: [Bug 343079] [NEW] Broken distribution (2009-03-15)
>> Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 07:42:00 -0000
>> From: dmaurer <die...@handshake.de>
>> Reply-To: Bug 343079 <343...@bugs.launchpad.net>
>> To: tsea...@palladion.com
>> References: <20090315074200.12457.19313.malone...@potassium.ubuntu.com>
>> Public bug reported:
>> The current (2009-03-12) PyPI distribution for Zope2 2.12.0a1 is broken.
>> 'easy_install'ing it leads to version conflicts for 'zope.component'
>> (3.5.1 versus 3.6.0) in the call of 'mkzopeinstance'.
>> ** Affects: zope2
>>      Importance: Undecided
>>          Status: New
>> The breakage is due to the release of the new zope.prinipalregistry egg.
>> We should probably manage a Zope2 indes and tell people to use it when
>> running easy_install, because PyPI is not suitable for the task given
>> setuptools' "incremental requirements discovery" design.
> Easy_installing the a1 sdist should behave like using buildout since
> the versions within the sdist are pinned as well. It actually worked
> at the time of the a1 release. I don't understand right now why we get
> this failure.

I don't see any pinning at all here:


This kind of issue was the source of my contentiont that "released"
versions should ship with exact pins of the egg versions (the full
transitive closure):  it should at least be possible to generate a
'Zope2-exact' distribution which provides a "known good" installation,
even it a 'Zope2-upgradable' distribution might be better for some people.

The other option, as I said earlier, is to maintain an index for each
"release branch" of Zope2, and populate it only with eggs which have
been tested not to break the upgrade.  We could specify that index in
the install docs, and maybe even in the 'setup.cfg' of the package.

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