Tres Seaver wrote:
> Andreas Jung wrote:
>> Please look at the getPackages() method taking the version*cfg files
>> into account. So all versions should be pinned. However there is
>> obviously a difference between using buildout with pinned versions
>> and setuptools or a small undetected hole in the process.
> The issue must be that one of the "pinned" dependencies
> (zope.publisher?) has an unpinned dependency (maybe transitively?) which
>  requires a newer version of zope.component.

What I think is more likely to have happened here is:

An additional package (like one under development) was installed first.
This depends on some package (maybe zope.publisher) which wants
zope.component 3.6. setuptools goes and fetches the latest version of
all of these. Now later on the Zope2 egg is put into the environment and
requires zope.component 3.5.1 - result VersionConflict.

Setuptools loads packages and puts them into the environment as it finds
them. It doesn't build a full tree of dependencies first. This is what
pip adds for example.

Unless you have a KGS or any kind of version restrictions for everything
from the start, you will always run into these problems. Managing exact
versions inside doesn't work.


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