On Mar 16, 2009, at 4:02 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:

> Hi,
> I *think* this is a bug in zc.relationship, but I'm not quite sure.
> I'm using ZODB3 3.8.1 (to get BLOB support) and trying to install
> plone.app.relations, which depends on zc.relationship 1.0.2. In
> particular, it  subclasses zc.relationship.shared.Container, and  
> stores
> a zc.relationship.index.Index object in self.relationIndex.
> Now, the __init__ of zc.relationship.index.Index, which derives from
> Persistent, contains the code below. In self._relTools and and
> self._attrs, there are a pile of modules, types and functions being
> stored. I think these are causing the ZODB to barf. Interestingly,  
> with
> whatever version of ZODB that comes with Zope 2.10 (3.7?), there's no
> problem.
> Any ideas how to work around this, or even why it's a problem in one
> version of the ZODB but not another?

No idea yet.  What's the barf's traceback?


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