Hi Gary,

> zc.relationship 2.0 trunk is now essentially a wrapping of zc.relation  
> code for backwards compatibility.

I see. But 2.0dev on pypi isn't?

What's the story behind zc.relation and the evolution of zc.relationship?

> You guys are the main clients for zc.relationship at this point, I  
> suspect.

Possibly, yes. ;-)

> As I see it, your relatively reasonable options are these:
> - MOST WORK: Move the plone.relation code to depend on zc.relation.   
> There is an upgrade path for the old indexes.  You would need to copy  
> over the old zc.relationship relationship containers to the Plone  
> package.  IIRC, Alec's tests of those bits were good, and you could  
> just keep the bits from zc.relationship you needed.  ZODB module path  
> issues in legacy databases would be among the more annoying bits of  
> this approach, though we all know the usual solutions there.

I think we'd need Alec to find the time to do this if it's to happen, 
but it does sound like the better option.

> - LESS WORK: See how zc.relationship trunk works for you.  If it makes  
> the code happy, I can release it or help you to do so.  It's certainly  
> been sitting around long enough.  Then at least you are sitting  
> (indirectly) on top of zc.relation, the package that (for instance)  
> Martijn F.'s Grok work exercises.  This would be my preferred  
> compromise between effort and migration.  The problem here is that it  
> probably does depend on ZODB 3.8, and I'd rather not make the  
> zc.relation code support the older spellings, so that's probably out  
> for you unless you want to make a concrete counter-proposal in this  
> regard.

Well, having a version that only works with ZODB 3.8 isn't *terrible*, 
it's just annoying. If and when Plone actually ships with five.intid and 
plone.relations, it'll be on ZODB 3.8 anyway. It's just a bit more work 
for people wanting to use it.

> - LEAST WORK: Figure out what's wrong with zc.relationship 1.1.  What  
> you described sounds trivial to fix, and I don't have any ethical  
> issues over only supporting the most recent release of the 1.x line,  
> so I don't want to think about the earlier releases.  I suspect this  
> is what you want.  We can make a 1.1.1 release and you can move on.

Hopefully. Do we know that zc.relationship 1.1 works with both ZODB 

What's the difference between 1.1.1 and 2.0dev on pypi?


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