Michael Howitz wrote:
> Am 01.04.2009 um 23:44 schrieb Jacob Holm:
>> Hi Baiju
>> If this whitespace fix is based on the current style guide, I think the
>> guide needs to be fixed. I find the fixed version much less readable. A
>> function that takes this many arguments should have an exception to the
>> PEP 8 rule of no whitespace around the equals sign used for keyword
>> arguments. I *think* a reasonable rule is that if you split the call
>> over multiple lines with one argument per line, you should add single
>> spaces before and after the equals sign. What does anyone else think?
> What about defining the version number in front of the setup call as a 
> variable and using it in the call like:
> version = '3.5.0dev'
> setup(
>     name='zope.annotation',
>     version=version,
>     ...
> )
> This way no exception from the rule is necessary.

I like the idea of putting the version string up front like that, but 
that was not what I meant.  I was not complaining about the "version" 
keyword argument specifically, but about the removal of whitespace for 
*all* the keyword arguments to setup.

- Jacob

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