Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Is it really the case that no-one knows what's going on here?
> Maybe nobody else cares enough to do the debugging you're too lazy to do? ;)


That's not exactly fair.

Someone must have made a conscious change for this to happen.
It would take and order or two of magnitude less time for that person to 
pipe up and say what they did rather than anyone, me included, having to 
trawl through a million layers of publisher code just to find out what 
they did.

The same goes for WebDAV breaking when you use any kind of Zope 3 views, 
although I'm guessing that's less of an issue as I suspect the WebDAV 
sourceport is used by very few people nowadays.

standard_error_message, on the other hand, is used pretty heavily, 
afaik, so I'm surprised more people don't care about it...


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