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Uli Fouquet wrote: 

> Gary Poster wrote:
> > I'm concerned about the state of the zc.buildout template recipes.  I  
> > want one.  I want some one-off files, specific to a certain project,  
> > for which writing a standalone recipe feels very heavy.
> > 
> > Here are the template recipes I found:
> > 
> > collective.recipe.template (Wichert Akkerman)
> > iw.recipe.template (Ingeniweb)
> > inquant.recipe.textfile (Stefan Eletzhofer)
> > z3c.recipe.template (Uli Fouquet)
> > buildout_script (Nathan Yergler)
> > z3c.recipe.filetemplate (Philipp von Weitershausen)


> > However, on starting to hack on its documentation to sketch the 
> > changes I wanted, I gradually realized that this was a fork of 
> > collective.recipe.template. Since collective.recipe.template is 
> > listed as BSD in setup.py (though I saw no explicit licensing 
> > otherwise), placing z3c.recipe.template in the zope.org ZPL-only 
> > repository is problematic.
> > But meanwhile, I'm concerned about the state of
> z3c.recipe.template. 
> > IMO, Uli and Wichert should try to reconcile the licensing and
> forking 
> > issues (with Uli taking the lead in those discussions, ideally,
> since 
> > he is the one who forked). z3c.recipe.template should be removed
> from 
> > the zope.org repository, unless/until the licensing story is cleaned
> up.
> I removed the source from the repository and asked Wichert for how to
> proceed. If there's a lawyer in the house: how can one switch from BSD
> to ZPL for derivative works if both parties agree?

I negotiated with Wichert and we will focus on
collective.recipe.template from now on. I'll apply all changes,
extensions, docs and tests that went into z3c.recipe.template (in fact
only a few lines were copied from c.r.template) now to
collective.recipe.template (one template generator less).

Wichert does not want to switch the license to avoid license
proliferation. I can understand that.

So, if you want to contribute (I'd be happy to see this), you can use
c.r.template from now on. Having template generating support in stock
buildout, however, would also be nice.

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