Gary Poster wrote:
> I'm concerned about the state of the zc.buildout template recipes.  I  
> want one.  I want some one-off files, specific to a certain project,  
> for which writing a standalone recipe feels very heavy.
> Here are the template recipes I found:
> collective.recipe.template (Wichert Akkerman)

FTR, this seems to be the de-facto choice in the Plone world, and it's 
quite well production-tested.

I didn't even know about the others. :)

> z3c.recipe.template (Uli Fouquet)

It's a bit disappointing that Uli created a new package rather than add 
the relatively minor feature missing from collective.recipe.template 
according to the PyPI page, although I agree the lack of tests is 
off-putting and should be fixed.

Still, since the package was based on the other one, I don't see why we 
couldn't have added tests to collective.recipe.template rather than fork 
it. :-/

> Since I don't find the prospect of creating yet another template  
> recipe attractive, and Philipp's z3c.recipe.filetemplate looks like it  
> can take my new features while maintaining backwards compatibility,  
> I'll try that next, I suppose.

What features do you want to add?

Why can't they (plus the tests) go into the original 


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