Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Chris Withers wrote:
>> It's a shame that the 2 or 3 times I've tried to organise purchase of 
>> ZRS for customers, the Zope Corp sales process hasn't succeeded in 
>> delivering anything :-(
>> (I'm not 100% on the details, but it may just have been that the 
>> prices were extortionate...)
> I disagree. 

You disagree that I failed to purchase ZRS from Zope Corp both times I 
tried? ;-)

> The kind of fault tolerance ZRS provides is hard to achieve 
> without a lot of either time or money. 

Indeed, but when it's easier to get two hearbeat-failover'd servers and 
some SAN to put the storage on, or go for clustered-MySQL-as-a-service 
and RelStorage or ZEORAID, it's a bit of a moot point...

> I suspect ZRS is less expensive 
> than a new replicated Oracle setup, or paying a developer to invent 
> something new.

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, I wish getting hold of ZRS was 
easier (not necessarily cheaper!)...

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