Hi Roger!

>> 1.) running tests
>> -----------------
>> Proposal: Remove those two lines in test.py.


>> 2.) looking up the product version
>> ----------------------------------
>> Proposal: Catch the error. Return an empty string if version 
>> is not found.

The problem was somewhere different: Caused by wrong dependencies 
zope.app.applicationcontrol was not available. After fixing the 
dependencies the method works without error and 'Development/Unknown' is 
returned with Zope 2. That's sufficient for me.

>> 3.) customizing the .pot header
>> -------------------------------
>> Proposal: The easiest and most flexible way to customize this 
>> seems to be an option that allows to specify a file that 
>> contains the pot_header template.

This is still missing. I plan to subclass POTMaker in z3c.recipe.i18n 
instead of modifying zope.app.locales.extract.

>> 4.) looking up basePath
>> -----------------------
>> Proposal: Use the 'if' code for all packages.

Done. (At least if nobody complains.)

>> 5. writing makers
>> -----------------
>> Proposal: Pass in the additional arguments and fall back to 
>> the old signature for BBB.

Done. I also added site_zcml as argument.

What about wrapping py_strings, zcml_strings and tal_strings in 
functions that implement the new interface? This would make it possible 
to add them to the makers list and call them in the same loop.



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