On 2009-09-11, Martijn Faassen <faas...@startifact.com> wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> but if it is, I
>> propose to using 0 instead of the dev of the next version.  Where I've
>> used '0', I've found it to be less error prone.  Ir also requires less
>> effort because it means you never have to edit the version on the
>> trunk.
> I'm -1 to using 0.


> Reasons:
> * it breaks dependencies on development versions which have version 
> requirements in it (see Wichert's comments on the original thread). 

Really important.  When I add an external to a trunk/branch version of
something as I need to fix/improve something, I immediately change the version
requirement in the setup.py.

What's better? Do a "my.package > 2.7" or leaving it at "my.package >= 2.5"
and trusting your memory to change that afterwards?

You'll surely see the "my.package == 0" when releasing (as stuff breaks),
which means more work as you have to look up version numbers again.

Make it easy to do the right thing instead of making it more work, I'd say.
The '0' means it is easier (human nature...) to just leave the version
requirement in the setup.py alone as it is too much hassle.

> * I (and others) use tools to do releases (zest.releaser in my case). 
> These tools are based on this policy. Changing the policy breaks the tools.

In case the policy is changed, I'll of course fix up the tool.  I'm still -1,
though :-)

> This way it is much easier to help new people get up to speed in our 
> community, maintain consistent practices, and people already in our 
> community will also have an easier time keeping track of what's going on.

A '0' version does little to help people pitching in with a bugfix.  They'll
have to figure out themselves what the version is supposed to be.

If you pick the my.project/branches/reinout-fixthingy branch and the version
is set to '0', you'll have to figure out what version of the branch is.
A 2.8 bugfix branch? A feature brach off the trunk?

The '0' seems especially unclear for branches.

> [I hope people who appreciate having such a policy will chip in here and 
> say "yes, I want a written-down policy, please" so it isn't just me who 
> is telling Jim this.]

for i in range(20):
    print "yes, I want a written-down policy, please"


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