Hi from the Grok sprint,

Jan-Jaap from thehealthagency and myself spent some time on getting
extensive buildbot coverage for the ZTK (and many other Zope things)
going. It's all three Python versions (2.4 - 2.6) on all major
platforms (Windows, Mac OS, 32-bit Ubuntu + 64-bit Ubuntu).

You can see the overall buildout at:
http://dev.thehealthagency.com/buildbot/waterfall (the url is also
documented in the ZTK docs).

Or if you just interested in the ZTK part of it, you can look at [1].

We are down to zero-build problems for the ZTK and just one test
failure. This is in zope.testing in testrunner-layers-buff.txt. You
can look at the test result at [2]. It looks like some sort of timing
issue for parallel test runs. On Windows there seems to be some more
related test failures [3].

Could someone who knows more about the subprocess support in
zope.testing have a look at those?

Once that failure is gone, we should have green lights on the ZTK on
all platforms and Python versions :)




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