Hi Christian,

On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 2:00 PM, Christian Theune <c...@gocept.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I *thought* the test runner had a feature to run tests in randomized
> order, but I can't find it. Is that something that Zope 2 had and that
> was never ported to zope.testing?
> I couldn't find in the history either.
> /me is confused.

I was about to send the same mail today, but I found out your mail before.

I didn't find anything relative to random tests in Zope 2 (but I'm not
familiar at all with Zope 2, so I'm pretty sure I could have missed
something), and I ended up writing a new feature for zope.testing's

I made a branch 'shuffle-tests', available on the Mercurial repository
at http://bitbucket.org/multani/zope.testing-shuffle/ , which adds two
new options:
  * --shuffle to randomize the order of the tests in a layer (layers
are not yet randomized, I didn't look at it yet);
  * --shuffle-seed XXX, to initialize the RNG with a specific value,
which allows to reproduce a specific randomization of tests (inspired
by this thread 

It's not yet ready-to-commit: it still misses tests (tricky to write)
and more documentation.
However, feedbacks are welcome!


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