yuppie wrote:
>>>> And it doesn't work on Windows.
>>> Have you tried it?
>> ...if you had, you would have noticed that the Win32 service stuff as 
>> broken, even without using buildout.
> No. I did have tried with mkzopeinstance and zopeservice.py. And it did 
> work for me.

I'm surprised. It certainly didn't for me and I don't see how it could 
for anyone else.

>> I've now fixed that, and I'm happy to report that the buildout-based 
>> instances work just fine on Windows, and buildout instance or not, you 
>> no longer need that silly zopeservice.py file in your instance.
> That's a great improvement. I just found a small regression, see 
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/zope2/+bug/461446

Not a very clear bug report...

>> So, no excuse for needing mkzopeinstance and its ilk anymore ;-)
> In some situations I still prefer the classic way to create instances.

There's always a few odd people out there ;-)

> You might have noticed that the "Creating a classic Zope Instance" 
> section in INSTALL.rst is much simpler than the "Creating a 
> buildout-based Zope Instance" section.

When the new docs go live, you'll see things have changed...

>>> The dev eggs are local to my dev buildout, but not local to the test 
>>> instances.
>> What does this actually mean? For me, a "dev egg" is usually just an svn 
>> checkout, specified in {buildout:develop}. For me, they're never usually in 
>> any "buildout", unless the package itself is buildout-driven and I'm 
>> actually developing it, but that has nothing to do with my test instances... 
>> That said, I often use a few "dev eggs" that aren't buildout driven at all, 
>> so I really fail to see your point...
> http://svn.zope.org/repos/main/CMF.buildout/trunk has a src directory 
> with several svn externals. Buildout includes the dev eggs from the src 
> directory.

I still don't really understand the use case here. My guess would be 
that if you want to work with a trunk checkout of CMF, all you need to 
do is at that src path to the "develop" line in the [buildout] section.

> That sometimes makes "buildout-based" Zope instances more clumsy than 
> classic instances.

I don't see how the stuff you're describing would be any less clumsy 
using a classic instance...


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