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> So, ZTK is ready for 1.0 final release ?

Far from it. After we managed the huge chunk of technical work, we
still need to start working on all the not-so-fun process stuff around
it. Typical questions are:

- How do we find a release manager? - Without a single person being
responsible nothing ever gets done.

- Who is appointing that person and what duties and power does he
have? Is the Steering group enough or is the Zope Foundation the right
organization to appoint that person?

- How do the roadmaps of the toolkit users look like and when would it
make sense for them to have a release? - A ZTK release that isn't
actually used by any of Grok, repoze.bfg, Zope2 or whatever comes out
of Zope 3 seems rather pointless to me. Anyone can use the SVN version
of the ZTK definition at any point, which is the same as rolling your
own kgs/index. The large projects have to be able to rely on a certain
stability and regularity of releases for years. Or they don't actually
use the ZTK KGS but are all rolling their own version of it.

- What kind of release cycle should the ZTK have, which is closely
related to the above. The ZTK release cycle needs to be somehow
aligned to those of its users. Or otherwise most of its value of
actually sharing the maintenance burden of the whole thing is gone.

- Is there anyone interested in continuing the work on Zope 3 or
provide a migration strategy for it? Both Zope2 and Grok have found
their own ways to deal with this, so none of the two have an interest
in working on such an upgrade story. But it's clear that there are
users of Zope 3 out there, that should get some official story,
whatever that might be.

- How does the process for feature enhancements and proposals for the
ZTK look like? Christian started some of the docs but it's all far
from finished and we don't actually use any of this process. Currently
there's an urge to drop support for Python 2.4, work on Python 3.1
support has started, the CA has seen various proposals for potentially
backwards compatible changes, ... there needs to be some process where
the toolkit users can raise their concerns, so that they can use ZTK
releases and the changes from one release to the next match their
progress and deprecation policies.

I'm sure there's many more of these questions, where most of them
don't have a clear or even objective answer :-)

I suggest we wait until the x-mas holidays are over, so everyone has a
chance to take part in these discussions. The steering group members
have been rather silent and might all be taking vacation ;)

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