Benji York wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 9:02 AM, Chris Withers <> wrote:
>> I've run into problems with Windows newlines in doctests a couple of
>> times now and so thought I'd ask what people do in general to work
>> around this...
> I don't think line ending problems happen very often.  I'd be interested
> in seeing a doctest that has problems.

I think if your development environment involves Windows checkouts, they 
happen more often that you'd like, especially when a single Windows 
developer doesn't have svn:eol-style set for all types that end up being 

This becomes even more problematic if your source control system doesn't 
have any notion of platform-specific line endings.

>> Do you:
> ...
>> - something else I'm not aware of :-)
> Maybe NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE would help.

That normalizes *all* whitespace, whereas I'm really only concerned 
about whitespace...


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