Benji York wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 2:15 PM, Chris Withers <> wrote:
>> Fred Drake wrote:
>>> It's interesting to note that Python 2.6's doctest doesn't use
>>> universal newlines, but zope.testing.doctest.
>> Interestingly, the doctests I referred to in my original post were
>> Manuel doctests, which (Benji, lemme know if I'm wrong...) use Python's
>> doctest module rather than zope.testing's one, in which case I think you
>>  may have hit the nail precisely on the head...
> Manuel uses Python's doctest module for the actual work, but the file
> reading is done by Manuel itself.  I could switch to using universal new
> line mode, but since I haven't seen an example of a filing test I can't
> be sure if it'll help or not.

The problems I had were with tests originally authored on Windows, 
checked into svn without an svn:eol-style and then checked out on linux. 
The error message was about inconsistent line endings even though they 
were all consistent, just \r\n rather than \n. I had to dos2unix them 
and then add an svn:eol-style (which not all RCS support) to get things 
working properly...


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