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Fabio Tranchitella wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm preparing a new major releases for zope.sendmail, merging the
> improvements and new features from the repoze.sendmail package. Here there
> is a copy of the changelog:
> - Removed dependency on ``zope.security``: the security support is optional,
>   and only available if the ``zope.security`` package is available. This 
> change
>   is similar to the optional security support introduced in ``zope.component``
>   3.8.0, and in fact it uses the same helpers.
> - Sort by modification time the messages in zope.sendmail.maildir so earlier
>   messages are sent before later messages during queue processing.
> - Added the new parameter ``processorThread`` to the queuedDelivery ZCML
>   directive: if False, the QueueProcessorThread is not started and thus an
>   independent process must process the queue; it defaults to True for b/c.
> - Provide a console script ``zope-sendmail`` which can be used to process the
>   delivery queue in case processorThread is False. The console script can
>   either process the messages in the queue once, or run in "daemon" mode.
> The changes are quite intrusive, but fully backwards compatible.
> If nobody objects, i will make the new release on Sunday, the 10th.

The 3.7.0 version breaks Zope 2.12, which still expects to be able to
import QueueProcessorThread from the old location.  I worked around the
problem for the moment by pinning 'zope.sendmail<3.7.0', but it seems to
me that the BBB import should be kept (likely forever).

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