On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 11:20, Christian Theune <c...@gocept.com> wrote:
> I think this has to do with too little communication going on within the
> steering group (one of the founding premises was to do as little
> "backroom" communication as possible which ended up in no backroom
> communication, which IMHO doesn't allow us to function as a group).

The positive thing to take out of this is how well things have worked
anyway. Apparently the Steering Group did not work as a group, but
things got steered pretty well anyway. Admittedly through intense
slogging on email lists, but that would have happened without the
steering group as well.

This community builds a loose sort of almost-consensus about the
future by long discussions on zope-dev, and that's OK. People then
act, or not, based on that almost-consensus. The steering group
acknowledged this from the start by saying that discussions should be
in the open, so as not to leave the rest of the community in the dark.
And even if the steering group didn't work, this process has worked,
although possibly through insane amounts of work on Martijns part.

Without that work, the process will probably be a lot slower. But it
will still work.

So no reason for panic. :)

So again, Martijn, thanks for trying so hard with the steering group.
Even if the group didn't make a difference, you did, and with or
without the group, I'm sure you will continue to make that difference.

But now we need to look forward towards 4.0 of the ZCA. Onwards and upwards! :-)

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